Bring the Magic to Your Next Event with Bill Herz

Bill Herz's unique mix of comedy and magic has been applauded at corporate functions throughout the world.

Recently, the WSB team was delighted to welcome Bill Herz to our offices. As we all sat in the conference room to hear Herz speak, we were each given a deck of cards. Herz proceeded to amaze us all with a card trick while engaging everyone in the room. The atmosphere quickly changed, it was like we all turned into children again. We were in the moment, only thinking “How did he do that?”.  As he spoke about his experience and his group, Magicorp Productions, he continued to wow us with various card tricks. We had such a great experience and we are eager to present Herz and his talented troupe to bring a unique and unforgettable experience to your next event.

3 Things a Magician Can Teach You About Business

According to the Magicorp blog, the most successful magicians in the world are not just great entertainers, but great businessmen as well. David Copperfield, part of Magicorp Productions, is worth $875 million and he didn’t get to that level solely based on his card tricks. Here are some things that you can learn from magicians to apply to what you do:

1.Building a Team: Behind every magician is a huge team that nobody knows about. One of Magicorp’s magicians and WSB speaker, Michael Carbonaro, has an enormous, trusted team that creates what you see on the TruTV show, “The Carbonaro Effect”. In magic, the best magicians have the best teams behind them. In the business world, the best products and companies have the best teams behind them.

  1. 2. Selling: Magician are expert salespeople. They are able to convince their audiences that “the bag is empty” or to suspend their current conception of reality. Similarly, when preparing your sales pitch or business presentation, analyze what your potential buyer sees in both you and the product.
  2. 3. Creativity: In the magic world, there are rarely “new tricks”. Most of the time magicians take old concepts and make them their own by adding in elements of their personality. How will you be able to create the same product that your competitor sells, yet make it very different in the customer’s mind? It's creativity that can be your key differeniator.


Why Book Bill Herz for Your Event?

His repertoire runs from close-up sleight-of-hand to full-scale illusions where audience members float and your CEO appears out of thin air. Herz can custom-tailor the content and message of his show to meet the needs of your organization or meeting, even crafting a message and illusions that support your meeting’s theme. Contact us to request availability for Bill Herz, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest videos of our speakers in action.

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