Welcome to the Washington Speakers Bureau Blog.

Here's what to expect from the 'Speech Moves' blog, with details about our namesake.

Washington Speakers Bureau was founded with a pioneering spirit and a single core belief: that the shared stories of passionate individuals have the power to transform the lives of others.

Decades later, we continue our work connecting people with the greatest minds — to help move organizations past the status quo, to a place where new and diverse ideas can be heard, energized, enriched, and emboldened.

Our blog, here, is an extension of that mission. 

For those of you visiting us for the first time, our blog isn't new. For years, our team has been crafting content for event professionals — sharing insights gathered from nearly 40 years of service in the lecture and events industry. 

As we venture into this next chapter of our blog, we hope to give you more than just a fresh design and a new name. We aim to spark inspiration by sharing fresh perspectives from the people whose ideas are transforming industries, lifting up societies, and driving innovation. 

Here's What to Expect

A product of WSB, the 'Speech Moves' blog is dedicated to sharing insights and stories on topics that matter most to today's thinkers and doers. 

Sitting at a unique intersection of the events industry, we have a front row seat to the latest in meeting trends and best practices. We also have fast access to the speakers who are talking about today's hot topics. 

That means you'll find an array of content from us, and even direct from our speakers — covering everything from the future of work and finding your company's purpose to creating a flawless speaker lineup.

Expect to be informed, inspired, and better equipped to plan your next event. 

The Story Behind Our New Name

Our new name 'Speech Moves' pays homage to the WSB movement with the same moniker.

Launched in 2018, at SXSW, the Speech Moves movement brought together disparate voices — like Platon, James Comey, José Andrés, and Abby Wambach — to talk about the power of speech and the positive impact it can have, at a time of great division.

That's everything our blog stands for. 

Formerly 'The WSB Blog,' the 'Speech Moves' blog champions sharing ideas and engaging diverse mindsets with openness and integrity — in order to spark inspiration and action. 



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